School News

Keta Primary and Wicklewood Primary Schools

I was most fortunate to be able to take money to Ketasco (Keta Basic Primary School).. The money was raised by the pupils of Wicklewood Primary (near Wymondham) who did a sponsored read. The Head teacher, Chairman of the PTA and staff of Ketasco gathered together for me to present the money and they were truly overwhelmed by the generosity shown by the Wicklewood pupils. The hope is to use the money to build a shelter the children can use when they eat their lunch, especially important during the rainy season.

Handing money over in Africa is a very different affair from handing it over in our culture. Whereas we would consider it impertinent to check the amount in front of the donors, it is absolutely the done thing in the African culture so in the following photo you can see the Head teacher and the Chairman of the PTA doing what is expected of them.

pta chairman

Afiadenyigba Senior High and Acle High Schools

Turning to Afiasec (Afiadenyigba Senior High), I was able to send money to the school a few months ago. Once again, the money was raised by school pupils, namely, pupils at Acle High School. Afiasec is hugely grateful to Acle High school as it is through the Acle pupils that the earliest building project took place; the construction of a teaching block currently used as classrooms. Two of these are destined to become science labs and the money sent this year has been used to buy two microscopes amongst other things.

Perhaps most significantly, the school has gone from strength to strength since Acle’s involvement. Pupil numbers have more than doubled in four years and the school chalked up a remarkable 100% success in the core subjects for last year’s school leaver exams. The Head teacher of Afiasec attributes this huge leap to the renewed confidence his staff and pupils have in the school since receiving the tokens of esteem and affection from Acle High school. This success has persuaded the Ghanaian government to invest money in building purpose built accommodation for the many boarders who are currently housed in very old and unsuitable buildings.

The two microscopes:


ghana storytelling

Once again, I cannot thank enough all those who have continued to support all the projects. Without the continuing flow of funds, I could not maintain them. Thank you to groups, to individuals and to schools. Your support means everything.


Afiadenyigba Senior High School – new classrooms provided by Acle High School March 2011

afiadenyigba new classroom

Although these links are not officially part of the Ghana Storytelling/JohnAnna Foundation remit, school links are nonetheless very significant. In 2011 I was able to take with me the first donation from Acle High School to Afiadenyigba Senior High School and before I returned to England, Afiasec bought the materials they need to complete the walls and put a tin roof on the building. Wonderful news indeed! I also visited the Anglican Basic School in Ho which I hope to link with Acle Junior School. Their first mutual project will arise from working on the Mullah Nasruddin stories as devised by the Company of Common Sense and thence as part of the education strand of the 2012 Storytelling Olympiad in London.
Wicklewood Primary School and Wymondham High School both continue to exchange letters, news and good will with Keta Basic School. Since my visit last year, Keta School has constructed six large school benches for the use of staff and visitors. On each of these is a plaque in commemoration of Mrs. Julia Marshall whose children attend Wicklewood Primary School and whose husband, Stephen donated the money which paid for the completion of the school KVIP and also kick-started the funds needed to build new classrooms for the Kindergarten.

We have officially ‘opened’ the new school sign paid for by the pupils at Wroughton Junior School, Gorleston, Norfolk. This, we hope, is only the beginning of a project to help the school which is in urgent need of attention in every way.

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