To preserve the stories

…because they are no longer used with anything like the same frequency nowadays and because the storytellers themselves are almost all elderly and as they die, their stories die with them.

To reproduce the stories

…for readers in Africa ā€“ especially the Ewe people in Ghana, Togo and Benin- in the UK, the USA and Canada.

To return all profits to the storytellers

…so that they can set up projects which help both them and their communities improve their standard of living without having to leave their villages (see Project News for more info)

To celebrate and proclaim the African Ewe culture

ā€¦ to help restore pride in the heritage so that storytellers will want to pass the stories on for the benefit of generations to come and others, both at home and abroad, will learn to enjoy and appreciate their value.
When the storytellers in Have saw the book containing some of their stories and their photos and realised it was for sale in the UK and USA the Chief said: ‘Now we know we are something.’

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